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Prospect Engineering Works manufactures JOLLY brand Hose Clamps and is a leading provider of engineered joining solutions to automotive and non-automotive sector in India and around the World since 1968.

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Advanced Machinery

JOLLY Clamp’s success lies in continuous improvement and advancement of clamping technology. Prospect Engineering Works (PEW) always believed in automation of manufacturing and assembly processes and adapting Poka Yoke practices for stable and consistent production. To achieve this, PEW has its own SPM building unit which is the biggest strength of the organisation. This gives PEW a leap in high productivity at optimum cost with consistent quality. Management of PEW always believed in acquiring advanced technology machines in the production process which ultimately placed JOLLY brand at the No.1 position among its numerous discerning OEMs and international customers.

Qualified Staff

PEW is a professionally managed and systematically structured organization. Well qualified staff in Design, Quality, Manufacturing, Planning, Logistics, Finance, etc. are deputed to perform systematically delegated roles. Management of PEW always believed investing in people, hence gave prime importance in creating separate HR department to understand and resolve grievances of their people. Due to such kind of initiatives, attrition in PEW is almost nil.

Testing and Validation

PEW has established an excellent Laboratory for in-house testing and validation of their current and upcoming products at such a level that all the customer specific requirements related to product capability are satisfied. This facility gives remarkable support to the product development activity to release the newly developed product with a great level of confidence. PEW has always believed in Quality Assurance as an integral part of value enhancement in Clamping solutions.


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