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V-Clamp - VC

Jolly Clamp manufacturers high quality V-Clamps for quick & easy flanged connections. With the inhouse facility of testing & validation Jolly V-clamps provide highest quality & consistency to keep your air & liquid connections together & leakproof.

Product Features: V-Clamp - VC

  • Jolly V-clamp is designed as per customized requirement to connect low strength customized V-Profile connections. 

  • Jolly V-Profile clamp has simple weld-free customized V-Profile construction. 

  • Jolly V-clamp is available with several standard sizes frequently used in V-Profile. 

Available Material option: V-Clamp - VC

  • Jolly V-Clamp series products are made with a material grade of AISI or equivalent global standards to provide high quality & consistency in performance. 

  • V-clamps are available in the entire SS300 grade series for high-value high-performance applications.

  • Jolly V-Clamps are also available in SS300 grade Series with a combination of plated carbon steel parts as per customer requirements. Zinc plating or Silver Plating is done for all carbon steel parts as per Industry & Global Export Standards.​

Application: V-Clamp - VC

Jolly V-Clamps serve in a wide variety of industries while meeting the required goal to connect light-duty metal flanges in high value & high-performance applications. Our products commonly used industries and applications such as:

  • Industrial Applications

  • Domestic Applications