Heavy Duty Spring Loaded T-bolt Clamp-HT

Heavy Duty Spring Loaded T-bolt Clamp-HTS

Jolly Heavy Duty Spring-loaded T-bolt clamps are designed to suit the applications where clamps need to compensate for expansion & contraction of hose caused by Pressure, temperature, and/or hose cold flow to maintain the leak-proof connection. These clamps typically find their application on silicone hoses on charge air cooling/air to air, after cooling systems, and primary engine coolant systems of Heavy Duty Trucks & Earth Moving Equipments.


Product Features: Heavy Duty Spring Loaded T-bolt Clamp-HTS

  • Jolly Heavy Duty Spring-loaded T-Bolt Clamp is designed as per SAE J1508 standard for High Strength Heavy Duty constant Tension leak-proof applications

  • Heavy Duty Constant Tension spring construction compensates for High Pressure & Temperature variation in hose line eliminating chances of loosening of clamp's grip on hose & avoid seepage. 

  • HD-SLTB Clamp is available with floating bridge construction which ensures guided tightening of the clamp to prevent hose puckering (wrinkle) & subsequent seepage while broad bandwidth ensures uniform clamping force for 360° sealing. Band edges are deburred to ensure the protection of hose from hose biting.

  • Heavy Duty Spring-loaded T-Bolt Series hose clamps are engineered with self-locking nut configuration which prevents loosening of clamp due to heavy vibrations. The maximum service temperature of self-locking nut is 250° F (121°C)

  • Jolly Heavy Duty Spring-loaded T-Bolt clamp can be made available in various material grade combinations to best suit customer application.

Available Material option: Heavy Duty Spring Loaded T-bolt Clamp-HTS

  • Jolly HD-SLTB series products are made with material grade AISI or equivalent global standards to provide high quality & consistency in performance. 

  • Heavy Duty Spring-loaded TB stainless steel clamps are available in the entire SS300 grade series as well as available in a combination with SS300 grade series & Plated Carbon steel parts as per customer requirement. Zinc plating is done for all carbon steel parts as per Industry & Global Export Standards.

Application: Heavy Duty Spring Loaded T-bolt Clamp-HTS

Jolly Heavy Duty Spring loaded T-Bolt Clamp serves in a wide variety of Heavy Duty industries while meeting industry specified demand & keeping edge over Quality product supplies. Our products commonly used industries and applications such as:

  • Automotive 

  • Filter 

  • Marine 

  • Aerospace 

  • Oil & Gas 

  • Off-Road Trucks & Earth Moving Equipments