Allen Bolt Quick Release V-Band Clamp - ABV

Allen Bolt Quick-release V-Band clamp is manufactured with a compact quick-release locking system to suit the requirement of quick & easy installation of flange connection where limited installation space is available. Due to compact design construction, Allen Bolt V-band clamp weighs lighter than other equivalent V-Band clamps & finds its application mostly in complex maintenance prone areas.

Allen Bolt Quick Release V-Band Clamp -

Product Features: ​Allen Bolt Quick Release V-Band Clamp - ABV

  • Jolly Allen Bolt V-Band Clamp is designed as per the customized requirement to connect Heavy Duty Metal flanges. 

  • Jolly Allen Bolt V-Band Clamp uses Allen Bolt & Barrel arrangement in place of conventional T-Bolt & Nut arrangement whereas threaded Barrel is used for tightening of the clamp. 

  • Jolly Allen Bolt V-Petal clamp is suitable to sustain high burst pressure of Exhaust with the help of high Axial clamp force also quick-release Allen Bolt & Barrel arrangement enables easy fitment & removal of clamp. 

  • Jolly V-Band clamp is available in two, three or Four V-Petal configuration, this V-Petals are welded on a band with robust welded construction to ensure high strength. 

  • Jolly quick connection V-Band clamp is available with several standard sizes frequently used of V-Profile. ​

Available Material option: ​Allen Bolt Quick Release V-Band Clamp - ABV

  • Jolly Quick Release V-Band series products are made with a material grade of AISI or equivalent global standards to provide high quality & consistency in performance. 

  • Jolly Allen Bolt V-band clamps are available in the entire SS300 grade series for high-value and high-performance applications.

  • Jolly V-band clamps are also available in SS300 grade Series with a combination of SS200 grade steel or plated carbon steel parts as per customer requirement. Zinc plating is done for all carbon steel parts as per Industry & Global Export Standards.

Application: ​Allen Bolt Quick Release V-Band Clamp - ABV

Jolly Allen Bolt Quick Release V-Band Clamps serve in a wide variety of industries while meeting the required goal to connect heavy-duty metal flanges in high value & high-performance applications. Our products commonly used industries and applications such as:

  • Heavy Duty Automotive 

  • Filter 

  • Marine 

  • Genset 

  • Heavy Duty Trucks & Earth Moving Equipments

  • Industrial 

  • Pumps

  • Engines

  • Exhaust systems

  • Emissions

  • Muffler assemblies

  • Food and chemical processing equipment

  • Turbochargers