Industrial Revolution 4.0

Forget A Silver Bullet, Disruptive Innovation Is All About The Process

In fact, innovation goes hand-in-hand with collaboration  between teams, between organizations and even between sectors. For manufacturers, learning from and building on the successes and setbacks of others  both within their own company and outside it is a great way to supercharge any innovation program.

The journey to commercialization

 Insight into the anatomy of true disruptive innovation has three clear lessons for any manufacturer looking to turn their ideas into commercial reality.

  • The 70-20-10

  • Start with a pain point

  • Don’t forget the last mile

The development of original and disruptive products is nothing new — it is how organizations and industries have moved forward for generations. Yet in a world of rapid technological advances and evolving customer expectations, it is now a challenge that reaches well beyond ideation.

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